Legal Challenges Ensued after Trump’s Executive Orders

For every action, there is a reaction… nearly 50 cases were filed only between January 28, a day after Trump Administration issued the executive orders on immigration, and January 31, 2017. There are ongoing cases but for legal professionals, these names will mean something one day, hopefully…Darweesh, Loughalam, Vayeghan, Aziz, Doe, Sarsour, Ali, Mohamed… all v. Trump. It will be interesting to follow the outcome of these cases spread over nationwide.

Moreover, on February 1, 2017, in Seattle, civil and immigrant rights groups asked a federal court to lift the unconstitutional ban. Going beyond the imaginable, government has suspended action on all pending immigration applications for individuals from the seven countries identified in the executive order for 90 days and imposed an “extreme vetting” of people applying for citizenship and permanent residency under the executive order that violates federal laws and due process.